Fascia, Soffits & Guttering


Fascia and soffit provide a finished and smooth look to the exterior of your home and most importantly, protect the wood from weather and insect damage. Working together, fascia and soffit also provide much needed ventilation for your attic while keeping critters out of it. Making sure that your fascia and soffit are installed properly is the best way to prevent problems down the road. Replacing or installing fascia and soffit can be a cost effective way to update and renew your home. The fascia acts as a cap to the soffit, so the fascia can be repaired or replaced without replacing the soffit. However, the soffit cannot be repaired or replaced without replacing the fascia.

We offer a full fascia and soffit replacement as well as offering a cap-over service.


  • Soffit covers the part beneath the eaves to close the space beneath the eave.
  • We install a high quality vinyl soffit that has a hidden vented feature to add value to your home
  • Soffit is made from aluminum or vinyl materials and can be vented, solid, or hidden vented
  • The cost of soffit usually depends on how much material is needed, what type, and difficulty of installation


  • The fascia board caps the end of the rafters and is used to hold the gutters.
  • That board is then wrapped with aluminum to protect it from damage and cap the soffit
  • We measure and cut custom fascia to ensure an exact fit to your home for the best
  • Fascia can be repaired or replaced if there is storm damage results   


Our effective, robust and attractive plastic guttering and downpipes come in many colours and shapes to complement a wide range of different properties. Our guttering systems are suitable for domestic as well as commercial properties. Styles ranging from the classic half-round and square-line to decorative ogee guttering.

Our guttering systems when fitted our stringlined every time to provide optimum fall, taking the time to cut back the gutter to the nearest join will provide symmetry so that appearance will look tailor made to your property.