uPVC Windows

Superior Hardware

Our uPVC windows are manufactured with advanced and fully functional hardware. Superior hinges and gaskets provide a strong, long lasting performance and weather protection. Additional upgrades are also available.

High Security

Our windows are amongst some of the most secure windows available today, they are fully accredited to meet all security standards.

Each window supplied comes with exceptional levels of security. Your window will come with fully fitted, high security locks for your complete peace of mind. 

As KEO are Approved YALE Installers, your new windows will also come with a YALE Security Guarantee.

Traditional & Contemporary Looks

Our uPVC windows are available in a wide choice of colours including standard white finishes and authentic wood grains for the more traditional property. Any look is achievable, allowing you to match window to home.

Superior Weather Resistance

Advanced gaskets help prevent unwanted condensation from forming whilst the seals enhance sound insulation, successfully minimising outside noises. Our windows provide long term protection against outside elements.

Energy Efficient

Our windows are truly thermal efficienct, with their top of the range Energy Plus profile there is additional chambers to prevent cold air from outside getting into your property and is available across the whole range. 


Our windows can be tailored to your exact requirements. Whether you have a contemporary home or a beautiful, traditional Edwardian property, our windows can be customised to match the look of your home. You can choose which sections of the window you want fixed and which you want opened - there is a great deal of choice.

Aluminium Windows

High Performance

Aluminium Windows offer a standard of quality that cannot be matched by their uPVC counterparts. Effortlessly enhancing any property by combining durability, versatility, elegance and low maintenance.


The superior strength of aluminium allows for larger arrangements which are only possible with uPVC when using bulky profiles and couplers. 

Colour Options

In order to get the perfect aluminium window aesthetic, we provide the opportunity to choose your perfect window colour from a comprehensive range of RAL colours, as well as a wide range of standard colours and finishes.

Casement Windows


Practical, attractive and versatile, home owners love the casement window. This is one of the most popular window styles on the market.

Sleek Appearance

Casement windows feature beautiful slim sightlines for increased light and wonderfully enhanced views. Their super sleek appearance mean they blend seamlessly with any property, complementing existing aesthetics.

Single Lever Latch Design

Casement windows feature a single-lever latch design that allows for a smooth hand operation, making them very easy to open and close. Casement windows can be installed anywhere within the home thanks to this versatile design.

Effective Ventilation

Let in lots of fresh air and sunlight with the casement window. Casement windows are designed to open all the way outward and unlike double-hung windows which are closed on top, casement windows open wide providing lots natural ventilation and light.

Bay Windows


Classic Bay windows provide wide, un-obstructed views giving a real sense of spaciousness. They make a beautiful choice for any home.

Traditional Elegance

Bay windows will add a touch of elegance to any room. On the inside, the bay window provides a classic appearance whilst creating the impression of additional space. From the outside, the expansive glass windows give great aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced Light

Bay windows provide wide panoramic views, exposing rooms to lots of natural light – from multiple directions. This makes a room appear bigger, brighter and more welcoming.

Good Ventilation

The bay windows gives you the option of having two operating windows, allowing you to enjoy light ventilation from two directions of the window rather than just one. The bay window is very good for air flow, you can control ventilation simply by altering any of the individual windows.

Tilt & Turn Windows


The stylish and contemporary tilt and turn window is attractive and functional, combining quality aesthetics with revolutionary design.

Tilt and Turn Function

A smart tilt and turn function allows the window to be ‘tilted’ inwards for easy access. The window can be operated with only one handle for all locking, opening and tilting actions. 

Secure Ventilation

These windows can be positioned into a tilt only angle which creates a small opening at the top of the window. This tilt and turn facility provides additional ventilation without compromising security. Fresh air can circulate whilst your property is kept safe and secure.

Modern Appearance

Beautiful, slim lines combined with modern integrated hardware provides a clean, contemporary appearance. The tilt and turn window never fails to impress, this sleek design is transferable across many different properties.

Bow Windows


Bow windows are a variation of the bay window and are made from four or more window units of similar size creating a softer, curved edge.

Beautiful Curved Edge

Units of similar size are joined together creating a curved edge, resulting in a wonderful, extended outside view. The bow window will blend beautifully into surrounding brickwork, with no unsightly corners.

Sleek, Subtle Design

Unlike the bay window which is often the main feature of a house, the bow window is placed upon a sill and so can be installed into any property. Many modern properties can benefit from the subtle appearance of a bay window, as it can be designed to match your homes existing brickwork.

Attractive Views

Just like the bay window, the bow window provides sensational views. Designed to project out from the side of your home, curved bow windows provide a wonderful three dimensional effect, increasing your exterior view giving way to attractive views of your garden and the outside.

Bi Fold Windows


Bi-fold windows enable you to fully open one side of the room whilst allowing you to retain valuable wall space. These popular windows will enhance any type of property with their versatile and stylish design.

Unrestricted Views

The bi-fold window provides beautiful, unrestricted views making them ideal for conservatories or orangeries and any properties in the commercial sector such as restaurants and cafes.

Lots of Light

Bi-folding windows offer complete versatility with their super sleek design and wide openings which results in lots of natural light. Maximum sunlight means a more attractive window as well as a brighter home.

Slim Sightlines

Enjoy ultra slim sightlines that open up your home to more sunlight as well as providing you with a stylish, sleek finish. The bi-fold window will not look out of place when it blends seamlessly with your existing brickwork.

Flush Sash Windows


Flush sash windows are an attractive, low maintenance, secure and thermally efficient timber alternative to traditional sash windows.

A Flush Fit

When closed, the sash window sits flush against the window frame, re-creating the look of traditional timber joinery whilst offering all the benefits of a modern window. This provides a seamless look when matched against your property.

Discreet Hardware

The flush sash window has no unsightly corners or hardware on show. Hardware is concealed, allowing for a more traditional aesthetic. This also gives way to a more slim-line appearance further enhancing the ‘flush-fit.’

Slim-line Profile

A super sleek profile lets more light into your home without compromising on security or efficiency, giving you clear views both inwards and outwards.

French Casement Windows


Open up your property with classic French casement windows. The beautiful French casement window will provide you with enhanced views, effective ventilation and a traditional aesthetic.

Fire Egress

The French casement window can open wide and when opened fully, the French casement window is large enough to double up as a fire escape. Ideal for keeping you and your family safe in case of an emergency.

Controlled Ventilation

The window opens independently from the slave sash, providing effective ventilation. Both vents can be opened fully as well as independently which allows you to control the level of ventilation within your room.

Centre Mullion

The centre mullion is isolated from the outer frame – similar to a French door. When the French casement window is opened fully, the sash carries the central bar which provides a wide and unrestricted view.