uPVC Bi-Fold Doors


Bi-fold doors will make a stunning addition to your property with their super sleek sightlines and contemporary aesthetics.

Super Slim Sightlines

The bi-folding door offers less uPVC and more glass-not only does this give way to a more attractive looking door, it also allows you to enjoy wide spread views and lots of natural light. Concealed hardware further enhances a super sleek look.

A Seamless Entrance

Bi-fold doors are a superb way to open up you home and enhance living space. These doors fold back to inches of opening, providing you with a beautiful seamless entrance between rooms or between home and garden.

Smooth Running

The bi-fold door operates on a smooth roller track for effortless gliding. This provides ease of transition, allowing you to slide these doors back and forth in a simple, swift action. These doors are ideal for those that require constant access to their garden.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors


Aluminium Bifold Doors incorporate innovative thermal performance, with stylish design.

High Security

The security of our bi-fold doors have been tested to British security standards, allowing you piece of mind that you and your belongings are safe within your home.

Advanced Thermal Capabilities

The advanced profile technology of our bi-fold doors creates a thermal transmittance barrier between the warm inside and the cold outside. Which keeps your home warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather and also helps to reduce energy bills.

Seamless Entrance

Bi-fold doors open up a room in an elegant and efficient way. All doors are folded in a space saving manner and conveniently slide to the side, making use of the aperture width and opening the room to the outside.