Lean To Conservatory


These simple, stylish uPVC or aluminium conservatories offer an understated, fuss-free structure. They are a cost-effective way to get additional light and space into your home. Lean-to conservatories or Mediterranean Sun Rooms as they are also known, give you a stylish, practical and affordable extension.

Seamless Entrance To The Outside

This lean-to conservatory offers seamless access to the outside. In conjunction with beautiful bi-folding doors, a lean-to conservatory provides you with a stylish entrance to your garden or patio.

Cost Effective

The lean-to conservatory is a simple and affordable option for those working to more of a budget. Their simple, modern structure and straightforward style makes them one of the most cost effective uPVC or aluminium  conservatories. They take very little time to construct.

Style Options

Lean-to conservatories come in a wide variety of style options. You can choose from full height glass panels or raised uPVC or aluminium panels. Both these style options tie in very nicely with uPVC or aluminium window frames.

Simple Style

The simple lean-to style features clean, symmetrical lines making them ideal for modern homes. This understated structure is ideal for those who prefer a subtler design as the lean-to will not upstage the rest of your property.


The lean-to conservatory is very adaptable and can be tailored to suit any awkward spaces. This is why it is recommended for smaller properties that are restricted in space. The roof can be as low or as high as required.

Victorian Conservatory


Victorian conservatories are characterised by their beautiful, multi-faceted design and traditional appearance. Their elegant finials and ornate finishing will capture the eye of any beholder.

Beautiful Pitched Roof

Very similar to the roof of a house where the ridge is the apex, the Victorian conservatory features an attractive high pitched roof. Double-hipped roofing is also available on this design which is ideal if your property has height restrictions.

Ornate Crestings & Finials

The traditional Victorian conservatory features classic, decorative finials and ridge crestings which echoe times gone past.


Victorian conservatories are multi-faceted which mean they form a shape similar to that of an octagon. This not only gives you heaps of space around the outside but also gives you an impressive view of the outside, giving you full appreciation of your garden and home.

Bay Front

An engaging and stylish bay front plan provides a less demanding access course around the sides of the conservatory. This is especially of benefit to properties with a smaller garden where space is awkward and limited.

Versatile Design

Victorian conservatories have a very versatile roofing system which means you can choose both the span and pitch. There is virtually no limit when it comes to shapes, sizes and configurations.

Edwardian Conservatory


Edwardian conservatories or Georgian conservatories, are beautifully understated. They make a stunning addition to any property, with their simple and clean lines that blend seamlessly with existing brickwork.

Plain Glass Walls

Unlike the Victorian style which is all about ornamental panels and glass, the Edwardian conservatory makes use of plain glass walls and simple clean lines, highlighting the exterior much more clearly. This simple yet stylish structure is a very popular conservatory style, especially amongst those after a subtler look.

Vaulted Ceiling

A pitched glass roof and vaulted ceiling is able to capture maximum sunlight, creating a wonderfully bright atmosphere. This sloping roof allows for a lovely airy and open ambience which softens its architectural impact.

All Round Symmetry

Edwardian conservatories combine clean, symmetrical shapes with delicate finishing touches which results in a classic yet understated conservatory design.

Spacious Design

The Edwardian’s symmetrical structure means it provides a generous amount of floor space, allowing you to personalise the interior with furniture, ornaments, plants – the choice is yours.

Ideal For Properties With Low Eaves

uPVC or aluminium Edwardian conservatories are often suited to properties with low eaves as they can be adapted to suit a wide range of properties. Their versatile design makes them one of the most popular conservatories on the market.

Gable Conservatory


Gable conservatories will enhance any property by giving it an impressive, stately feel. The uPVC or aluminium gable conservatory is a classic design which offers unrivalled aesthetics and year-round performance.

High Vaulted Roof

The gable conservatory has a stunning high vaulted roof. The roof meets in the middle of the structure creating a triangle like shape.

Elevated Front

Best suited to high-ceilinged homes, the gable conservatory has an elevated front which extends all the way to the apex of its roof. These stylish front elevations offer a stately, grandeur feel perfect for period homes.

Decorative Finishes

Gable conservatories can be chosen in a variety of decorative finishes including the famous ‘sunburst’ effect.

Tailored To You

This is another adaptable design that can be made to suit your property requirements. It can be fitted into a wide range of properties, adding a touch of grandeur to the most modern of homes.

Lots of Natural Light

The gable conservatory gives you floor to roof light. The windows extend up to the apex of the roof enhancing sunlight and flooding your conservatory with a bright and airy atmosphere.

P Shaped Conservatory


P-shaped conservatories combine different conservatory styles such as the Victorian and Lean-to, creating a stylish and unique structure.

Combination of Styles

This bespoke and innovative conservatory design is a clever way of bringing two traditional style conservatories together. P-shape conservatories provide you with a beautiful, distinctive and versatile structure.

A Touch of Grandeur

If you admire the sophistication of the Victorian style but require more space than it offers, then the P-shaped conservatory is ideal. This innovative combination of styles allow you to benefit from traditional style aesthetics on a much larger scale.

Floor Space

If you are after more space then this conservatory style offers an expansive floor plan. This large conservatory gives you the option of creating a living room, play area of even a combined kitchen and dining area.

Versatile Design

If you are looking for a conservatory to become an integral part of your home then the P-shape style offers the right combination of stunning aesthetics and versatile space. P-shaped conservatories allow you to create a stylish, multi-functional room that you can use all year round.

Ideal For Large, Detached Properties

P-shaped conservatories are ideal for large, detached properties as they present a vast structure which can be over bearing on smaller properties.

T Shaped Conservatory


T-shaped conservatories can be distinguished by a central projection which is either Victorian, Gable or Georgian in style. Offering a large and versatile floor space, the T-shape makes an impressive addition to any home.

Combine More Than One Conservatory

The T-shaped conservatory combines the best features of a traditional Victorian, Edwardian and Gable design, creating an extremely versatile structure which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Central 'T' Projection

This conservatory style features a central projection which highlights the overall ‘T’ shape. It creates a porch effect for the conservatory and is usually where entrance doors are places.

Classic Appearance

A steeply pitched roof combined with ornate ridge details makes this conservatory more classical in appearance.

Make A Statement

The central part of this conservatory projects out into the garden, giving the wonderful impression that your garden is part of your home. This stunning conservatory style is very elegant and can provide you with very sophisticated entry to your garden.

Flexible Design

These conservatories can be built to fit in unusual build spaces. Their flexible structure can be installed into the most awkward of garden spaces.

Lantern Conservatory


Lantern conservatories make a fantastic statement providing homes with a feeling of grandeur and elegance.

Two Tiered Effect

This conservatory style incorporates a two-tiered roof on different levels, creating a ‘wedding-cake’ effect. These two levels are separated by a row of stylish glass windows.

Added Depth

The two-tiered effect provides added depth and dimension to your conservatory, with impressive ceiling height enhancing the feeling of light and space, giving you a beautiful view of the sky.

Versatile Design

The Lantern conservatory style can be used for many things from swimming pools to garden rooms. This versatile design gives you endless possibilities.

Impressive Aesthetics

The lantern conservatory gives you a great overall impression of height, light and grandeur. This spacious uPVC or aluminium conservatory gives you uninterrupted views of the sky thanks to its impressive use of windows.

Effective Ventilation

The second tier of double glazed windows gives effective ventilation and their sheer height means they are often electrically operated – giving you fully control over the amount of air flow. This makes the Lantern conservatory perfect for a swimming pool or orangery-style kitchen.